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Wreck Diving

Posted by on March 12, 2013
wreck diving around the world

Dive among sunken ships

Scuba diving is always a thrill, but exploring through a sunken ship has a whole new level of adventure to it. You can go wreck diving in many parts of the world but knowing where the best sites are can really help. You’ll need a little extra dive training to be safe.


Captain J.T’s Wreck Diving
Charter a boat and go exploring the wrecks along America’s East Coast.

RJ Diving Ventures
Wreck and reef diving off the coast of Miami, Florida. A couple dozen wreck sites to choose from, as well as a number of coral reefs.

Shipwreck Dive Tours
There are 7 major wrecks in the Alger Underwater Preserve, in Lake Superior. Dive them all, or take a glass-bottomed boat tour.


UK Diving Wrecks
Don’t let the name fool you, this database of wreck diving locations is worldwide, not just UK sites.

South Pacific

Truk Lagoon Wreck Diving
This Micronesian location offers a different sort of wreck: dozens of Japanese boats and aircraft from World War II.


Wreck Diving in the Egyptian Red Sea
There is more to see in Egypt than just the pyramids. Four documented wrecks are described in this article.

International Resources

Wreck Diving Magazine
If you’re a regular diver, then keep up with what’s new (or old?) in the wreck diving world. Subscribe to Wreck Diving magazine for locations and wreck profiles.

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