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Have an Antarctic Adventure

By Terri Wilson Have you seen so many parts of the world that you are running out of new places to visit? I doubt that, but for any traveller who is looking for something really different, remote, obscure or unique, why not take a trip to Antarctica. Though this icy continent has a long reputation … Continue reading »

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Seeing the Northern Lights

Though watching the sky may not seem too adventurous at first glance, considering the remote northern locations you need to get to in order to find the best Northern Lights views, I think this counts as an adventure travel activity. Also known as the Aurora Borealis, this amazing shimmering light-show is something few people get … Continue reading »

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Tall Ships Adventure Cruises

by Terri Wilson Feel the cool ocean breezes, as the wind fills the sails of a tall ship. The crew adjusts the rigging as you sway to the gentle rocking of the ship through the cool mahogany beneath your feet. This is just part of the allure of a cruise aboard an authentic clipper ship. … Continue reading »

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Fly an Ultralight

The freedom of soaring above the ground with the birds is something that most of us has imagined at some point. Getting an ultralight and learning to fly is one of the least expensive ways to experience individual flight. Flight is a great way to travel, and flying to your destination gives you a great … Continue reading »

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Wreck Diving in Kingston

I am not a regular scuba diver by any means, but that doesn’t mean I’m unaware of some great diving spots near where I live. Not all great scuba diving is down in the tropics, you know. When it comes to wreck diving, some of the best locations are nearby in Kingston Ontario. There are … Continue reading »

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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

By Terri Wilson Imagine the sweeping vistas and beautiful scenery as you ascend the summit of Tanzania’s famous Mount Kilimanjaro.  This extinct volcano is the highest peak in Africa as well as the highest walkable mountain in the world.  These features make it a magnet for hikers and climbers alike.  It’s a breath-taking challenge that … Continue reading »

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