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Swimming with Sea Creatures

Posted by on March 11, 2013
swimming with dolphins, sharks or other sea creatures

Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with sea creatures can be a thrilling experience, whether you take a peaceful swim with some dolphins or try for a few more thrills in a shark cage. Many places around the world offer the chance for this type of sea-going adventure, so take your pick.


Sunlight on Water
Swim with dolphins in their natural Hawaiian habitat. Or if you want something more exotic, take a night-time snorkeling tour with manta rays.

Florida Dolphin Tours
Swim with dolphins or manatees, or even take a gator tour while you’re there.

Discovery Cove
A Florida theme park dedicated to providing you with all sorts of sea creature experiences. Swim with dolphins, watch fish and manta rays or take a boat ride.

Diving with Sharks
Experience the thrill of being in a shark cage, with diving opportunities off the coast of San Diego. See a Great White Shark up close and personal.


Dolphin Discovery
Several locations through Mexico and the Caribbean, where you can swim with dolphins, sea lions and even manatees. And don’t forget the sharks!

Swim with Sea Turtles
There are a few different tour companies that offer the chance to swim with huge and peaceful leatherback sea turtles, in Barbados.

Anthony’s Key Resort
Off the northern coast of Honduras, this resort can provide many excellent chances to swim with Caribbean dolphins.


Unreal Dive
All kinds of dives in South Africa, with sharks, whales and more. Not just single dives either. You can book a multi-day diving expedition.


Ningaloo Reef Dives
See hundreds of fish and animal species as you dive at this Australian coral reef. Swim with fish, mantas, turtles, sharks and eels. It’s an underwater safari.

South Pacific

Sam’s Dive Tours Palau
The Palau archipelago in the Pacific Ocean is home to more fish than you can count. More than 70 dive sites to choose from.

Baja Whale Shark Tours
Whale sharks are huge, gentle fish, very different from their White Shark cousins. Go diving or snorkelling in Baja to see them, along with other fish and marine life.

International Lists

Shark Bookings
A database site featuring a number of shark diving tour locations around the world. A great place to find that next adventure dive site.


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