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Sacred Sites and Holy Places

Posted by on March 9, 2013

Finding a location with deep spiritual significance can be quite an adventure in itself. Exciting places don’t necessary have to include loud thrills or exciting activities. Try one of these treks to find a little more of your soul.

sacred and spiritual destinations

Spiritual and sacred places for travel

General Tour Groups

Journeys with Soul
Explore the history of various sacred sites around the British Isles. Stonehenge, Avebury and even crop circle tours.

Sedona Soul Adventures
Though they do offer tours in Arizona as well as around the world, the focus of this company is to offer spiritual retreats rather than travel.

Ancient and Sacred Sites Tours
Take a spiritual journey to the magickal and sacred landscapes of Ireland and South West England. Lots of sites to to see on each tour.

Celtic Trails
Tours of the Celtic UK, focusing on the energy of the local ley lines.

Pilgrimages and Spiritual Journeys
Tour the world in search of Catholic and Christian holy sites. Locations in Italy, France, Spain and more. Many walking tours and historical  pilgrimages are included.

Take a walking tour through various places of Biblical importance, such as Galilee and Jerusalem.

Sacred Earth Journeys
Their tours include a mix of sacred sites around the world, as well as wellness and yoga retreats.

Church and Monastery Tours
A list of tours of churches and monasteries from holy places in a number of countries, from Sacred Destinations.

Specific Spiritual Site Trips

Machu Picchu
This holy city of the Incas sits at the roof of the world in the Peruvian Mountains. You can take in 600 years of history at the city itself, or follow the path of the ancients along the Inca Trail.


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