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Haunted Hotels

Posted by on March 30, 2013
haunted hotel travel destinations

Ghosts and haunted hotels

The haunted destinations page includes all sorts of paranormal places, but this page is specifically for hotels where you can stay the night and wait for a ghostly encounter. Of course there is no guarantee you’ll see anything spooky. At least you can tell your friends you braved a night in these haunted places.


The Stanley Hotel
Famous for its role in the Stephen King book “The Shining”, the real-life hotel is up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and is known to be genuinely haunted.

Hotel Provincial
In the heart of New Orleans, the Hotel Provincial has had its share of ghostly tales told by the guests.

The Crescent Hotel
Head to Arkansas for this paranormal hotpsot, and spend some time in the dining room. That’s where the most sightings happen.

Myrtles Plantation
Another southern USA location in Louisiana, the home of a 200-year old plantation mansion. They claim to be one of the most haunted places in America.

The Queen Mary
This is a boat as well as a hotel, so it’s a fun place to stay in any case. They offer a scary ghost tour but its better to see the ship on your own for more authentic experiences.

Tarrytown House
Near where the story Sleepy Hollow was set, this hotel offers luxury accommodations and potential scares in New York state.

The 1859 Historical National Hotel
The historic gold rush in California has certainly left some spirits in its wake, and the National Hotel is home to a few of them.


Castle Stuart
It shouldn’t be a surprise that some ancient castles would have a spirit or two. Castle Stuart in Scotland is particularly well-known for being haunted.


Fairmont Banff Springs
This is Canada’s version of the Stanley Hotel, also up in the Rockies. Several gruesome deaths could be the cause of the ghost sightings.

Fairmont Empress
Out in British Columbia, this hotel is apparently home to several different spirits.

HI Ottawa Jail
Not only is this hotel haunted, it’s a budget hostel in an old jail building. Maybe you’ll meet some inmates who never really left.

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