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Zip Lines

The heavy Pacific forests of Vancouver Island are open to your exploration by zip-line. AdrenaLINE has several lines high through the Sooke forests, and its a great way to see the landscape of coastal British Columbia.
They have several zip-lines above the rainforest jungles of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Take your pick from nearly a dozen different runs through the trees.
Not all ziplines are through the forest. This location sends you sailing over the Royal Gorge in Colorado for some rockier scenery.
Though they offer several different types of adventure tours in Thailand, it’s their jungle ziplines that they’re known for.
Zip through forest canopies, open fields, rivers and more. They have the best lines in Ohio.
They have the longest zip-line in the Caribbean, and their routes all take you through the high jungle canopy. High suspension bridges offer a little change of pace during your tour.
Through the beautiful inland regions of Maui, this is the way you want to explore Hawaii. From 200 feet up, you can see the landscape of Maui as well as a unique view of the ocean.
This zip location is also in British Columbia, but this time you can see the rugged Whistler Mountains instead. Choose from 20 different zip-lines, or see the forest canopy from the extensive system of tree-top boardwalks and suspension bridges.