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Hot Air Balloon

This is the way to see the full majesty of the Grand Canyon. It’s a bit of an extreme tour, so be prepared for some hiking and high altitudes.
Join Bill Harop as he takes you on a balloon safari of South Africa.
Discover Italy from the air with Ballooning in Tuscany.
The Dawn Drifters offer a variety of special packages to meet all of your ballooning adventure needs, in Canberra, Australia.
See the picturesque regions of southern France from a hot air balloon. Several itineraries to choose from.
Balloon tours over the famed wine region of Yarra Valley, not too far from Melbourne.
The Cappadocia region in Turkey has some spectacular “badlands” and canyons you can tour by balloon.
A remarkable view of the Himalayas, from a hot air balloon in Nepal. A great adventure for mountain lovers.
Balloon tours over the Egyptian ruins at Luxor. It’s the best way to really appreciate this ancient city
The Okanagan valley in the Rockies makes a great backdrop for a balloon trip.
The best way to see the thick rainforest jungles of Costa Rica. The scenery is amazing.
Watch the African wildlife of the Serengeti in Tanzania as you silently glide over the savannah.
Tours of several major cities, like Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Edmonton. Not all hot air balloon trips have to be over wilderness or natural sights!
Enjoy California wine country in a hot air balloon. Peaceful, serene and miles of green expanses.