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Cave Diving

Not only will you see some of the most famous underwater caves in the world, but they can train you in cavern diving if you’re a novice.
There are more cave systems around Riviera Maya, not too far from Cancun. What are you waiting for?
The island of Malta (between Tunisia and Italy) has several nice caves for your next diving tour.
You’ll need proper certification for these dives. This area includes Peacock Springs, the largest underwater cave system in the USA.
Explore the vast underground river systems of the Yucatan peninsula.
Believe it or not, there is some amazing caving diving in Egypt. See the Red Sea from a whole new level.
Caves in the Dominican Republic are open to your underwater exploration with Punta Cana Divers. You can dive through these large freshwater caves, or even do a little above-water hiking.
Off the coast of Belize, the Great Blue Hole is known as one of the best caving diving sites there is. It’s a world-famous spot but only for experienced divers.
Go cave diving in the Grand Bahama, and see some of the less-visited cave systems.