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Canoe and Kayaking

If you’re not fond of the cold, try a more tropical destination. Kayaking around Belize, to see coral reefs and deserted islands.
A mix of different tour options can open up the Canadian Arctic north for your next adventure.
Go kayaking in the high Arctic. These Inuit-guided tours will take you into the heart of Nunavut to see seals and other Northern wildlife.
Follow the historic trip of Lewis and Clark up the Missouri River. Take just a day trip, or a full wilderness expedition.
A whole host of canoeing and kayaking trips around British Columbia. Kayak to see killer whales, or enjoy the peace of Quadra Island.
Several Thailand destinations to choose from for canoe and kayaking tours. Even a jungle survival expedition.
Sea kayaking tours with killer whales, off the coast of Vancouver Island. Take a day trip, or spend a week exploring the coast.
Various kayaking tours around Alaska, and LeConte Glacier Bay. See some amazing and unspoiled wilderness up north.
Explore all the wilds of the Yukon with any of their trekking, sledding, boating and riding tours. Time to get back to the land.