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Zip Lines

What could be more thrilling than flying through the air over some exotic landscape, hanging by a cable? Well, if you want to try your hand on a zip-line, here are a few excellent places that will give you that chance. Caribbean Canopy Adventures They have several zip-lines above the rainforest jungles of Punta Cana … Continue reading »

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Eco-Tourism Destinations

I’ll admit that lounging in an eco-friendly resort may not be real “adventure” but most of these places are off the beaten path and can be pretty rugged. So I’m including them. Besides, I like the concept. South America El Nagual Nature Reserve Surrounded by rainforest, El Nagual is a perfect spot to learn about … Continue reading »

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Wilderness Adventure

These are tours that let you just get out into the great outdoors and experience the wilderness. Just some simple ways to go hiking in more remote and interesting places, which is the best way to see the world if you ask me. USA Yukon Wild Explore the wild Yukon region with one of these … Continue reading »

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Adventures on Wheels

A little vehicular adventure might be a change from the ordinary, so check out some of these adventures on wheels. These are less common activities than some of the others, but I’m adding more as I go. Canada Bigfoot 4×4 Safari Adventure Choose an off-roading tour for an afternoon, weekend or a try a challenging … Continue reading »

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Mountain Climbing

It’s the classic adventure, climbing a mountain to tackle the summit. Whether your after Everest or would be happy with a local peak, there are more mountains out there to climb than you can handle. USA Moab Desert Adventures Climb the remarkable sandstone towers of the Moab Desert, in the USA. A climbing experience like … Continue reading »

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Head deep into the Earth to explore remote cave systems around the world. Large caverns are awe-inspiring but its the narrow chasms that really test your adventure resolve. Not for the faint of heart, though some larger caves are ideal for new adventurers or even families. USA Mammoth Cave National Park A whole range of … Continue reading »

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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

By Terri Wilson Imagine the sweeping vistas and beautiful scenery as you ascend the summit of Tanzania’s famous Mount Kilimanjaro.  This extinct volcano is the highest peak in Africa as well as the highest walkable mountain in the world.  These features make it a magnet for hikers and climbers alike.  It’s a breath-taking challenge that … Continue reading »

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