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Space Tourism

Now what could be more of an adventure than leaving the planet altogether and going up into space. This is a very new form of adventure travel that is still really in its infancy. I’m giving you a few places to look into but none of these companies are really operating at full capacity yet.

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Bungee Jumping

Take a flying leap from some extreme altitude and experience the thrill of falling (and elastic bouncing) once you hit the end of your bungee cord. Canada Great Canadian Bungee With a 200ft freefall, Great Canadian Bungee offers the highest freefall in North America. Leap from the tower over Morrison’s Quarry, in Quebec. Or try … Continue reading »

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BASE Jumping

Since BASE jumping is usually illegal, I don’t have too many resources for you. But if you are drawn to this extreme sport, there are a few places you will want to check out. Bridge Day Bridge Day is the largest BASE jumping event in the world held on the third Saturday in October every … Continue reading »

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Yes, you can arrange to do a little flying even if you’ve never even been in a plane. Many places offer up great training opportunities to get up into the air and experience some flight. USA Desert Odyssey Tours See the Las Vegas desert from the sky in a personal biplane ride or float silently … Continue reading »

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Jump out of a plane and experience what it’s like to soar through the sky. Sky diving is one of the more common adventure travel activities, and there are many drop-zones around the world that you can try. International North America’s premier skydiving adventure provider, with a coast-to-coast network of jump sites. Dropzone Database … Continue reading »

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Hot Air Ballooning

Even the slow moving hot air balloon can be a thrill if you enjoy seeing the world from the sky. These are great trips for families with smaller kids who aren’t quite ready for the more heart-pounding adventures. USA Above the Wine Country Ballooning Enjoy California wine country in a hot air balloon. Peaceful, serene … Continue reading »

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Fly an Ultralight

The freedom of soaring above the ground with the birds is something that most of us has imagined at some point. Getting an ultralight and learning to fly is one of the least expensive ways to experience individual flight. Flight is a great way to travel, and flying to your destination gives you a great … Continue reading »

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