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Bungee Jumping

Posted by on March 12, 2013
bungee jumping adventure travel

Take a leap with a Bungee jump

Take a flying leap from some extreme altitude and experience the thrill of falling (and elastic bouncing) once you hit the end of your bungee cord.


Great Canadian Bungee
With a 200ft freefall, Great Canadian Bungee offers the highest freefall in North America. Leap from the tower over Morrison’s Quarry, in Quebec. Or try the 1000ft cable slide instead.


A.J Hackett Bungy
Several locations to leap in New Zealand, from towers, natural ledges or even a high-wire cable car. This is where bungee jumping was created by A.J Hackett.


Bungee America
The oldest bungee location in the USA, in California. Take a 2-hour hike to the ‘bridge to nowhere’, for a 10-storey jump.

Over the Edge Bungee
Organizing group bungee jumping all over the US midwest. Even the extreme version of heli-jumping (yes, that’s a bungee jump from a helicopter).


Loket Bungee Jumping
Tired of the usual bungee locations? Try the Loket bridge, near Prague in the Czech republic. Fling yourself off the bridge and plummet down to the river Ohre.

Zulu Bungy
A rare bungee opportunity, over the historical Corinth Canal in Greece.


Jungle Bungy Jump
Leap from 165ft, while surrounded by the lush tropical jungle of Thailand.

International Resources
A comprehensive look at bungee jumping and other extreme “launch” sports. Lots of bungee info, and they offer tours and stunts all over the world.

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