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Zip Lines

What could be more thrilling than flying through the air over some exotic landscape, hanging by a cable? Well, if you want to try your hand on a zip-line, here are a few excellent places that will give you that chance. Caribbean Canopy Adventures They have several zip-lines above the rainforest jungles of Punta Cana … Continue reading »

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Have an Antarctic Adventure

By Terri Wilson Have you seen so many parts of the world that you are running out of new places to visit? I doubt that, but for any traveller who is looking for something really different, remote, obscure or unique, why not take a trip to Antarctica. Though this icy continent has a long reputation … Continue reading »

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Seeing the Northern Lights

Though watching the sky may not seem too adventurous at first glance, considering the remote northern locations you need to get to in order to find the best Northern Lights views, I think this counts as an adventure travel activity. Also known as the Aurora Borealis, this amazing shimmering light-show is something few people get … Continue reading »

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Animal Safaris

  Though the idea of an animal safari could mean anywhere in the world, the term is usually used when talking about the open grasslands of Africa to watch for game animals. If you want to see some of the most impressive wildlife ecosystems in the world, an African safari is the way to go. … Continue reading »

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Space Tourism

Now what could be more of an adventure than leaving the planet altogether and going up into space. This is a very new form of adventure travel that is still really in its infancy. I’m giving you a few places to look into but none of these companies are really operating at full capacity yet.

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Jail and Prison Hotels

  If you’re not looking for luxury in a hotel, why not try one of these unique places that are reconstructed prisons. They all have some pretty unique stories to tell, and many have been left in a rough state so you can feel what prison life was like at one time. Some of these … Continue reading »

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Haunted Hotels

The haunted destinations page includes all sorts of paranormal places, but this page is specifically for hotels where you can stay the night and wait for a ghostly encounter. Of course there is no guarantee you’ll see anything spooky. At least you can tell your friends you braved a night in these haunted places.

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Castle Hotels

Spending a night (or more) in a real medieval period castle can be the closest thing you get to experiencing what life was like many hundreds of years ago. It’s actually not as uncommon as you’d think to find authentic castles that have been converted into hotels or other accommodations. They aren’t always cheap but … Continue reading »

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How to Get a Passport

If you’ve never traveled outside the country, you might not have ever bothered to get a passport. Though there are many adventures to be had locally, there is also a pretty good chance that you are going to be traveling abroad in search of your next exciting experience. The procedure for getting a passport is … Continue reading »

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Eco-Tourism Destinations

I’ll admit that lounging in an eco-friendly resort may not be real “adventure” but most of these places are off the beaten path and can be pretty rugged. So I’m including them. Besides, I like the concept. South America El Nagual Nature Reserve Surrounded by rainforest, El Nagual is a perfect spot to learn about … Continue reading »

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Haunted Destinations

Here is a mix of truly haunted or otherwise spooky paranormal destinations for your next trip. You might catch a glimpse of something unexplainable, or just manage to give yourself a good scare. To stay overnight, try one of these haunted hotels instead. USA Ghost Tours of Key West Florida offers many haunted locations, and … Continue reading »

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Bungee Jumping

Take a flying leap from some extreme altitude and experience the thrill of falling (and elastic bouncing) once you hit the end of your bungee cord. Canada Great Canadian Bungee With a 200ft freefall, Great Canadian Bungee offers the highest freefall in North America. Leap from the tower over Morrison’s Quarry, in Quebec. Or try … Continue reading »

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BASE Jumping

Since BASE jumping is usually illegal, I don’t have too many resources for you. But if you are drawn to this extreme sport, there are a few places you will want to check out. Bridge Day Bridge Day is the largest BASE jumping event in the world held on the third Saturday in October every … Continue reading »

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Deep Sea Fishing

Take fishing to a whole new adventure level by heading out to the deep sea for bigger trophy fish. It’s a huge thrill if you land a big one, but just remember that no one can guarantee that record catch. That’s the chance you take. Canada Sewell’s Marina Salmon Fishing Charters The salmon fishing is … Continue reading »

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Horseback Adventures

Get a little taste of the Wild West on horseback for your next adventure holiday. Release your inner cowboy on a dude-ranch or other horseback activity. USA Double E Ranch Visit a real working guest ranch in New Mexico, and take part in the regular day-to-day activities with the cattle and horses. Flynn Ranch Vacations … Continue reading »

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Canoeing and Kayaking

These small boats can give you a real personal boating experience, whether you choose a placid paddle or prefer to try some rougher water. Canada Spirit of the West Adventures Sea kayaking tours with killer whales, off the coast of Vancouver Island. Take a day trip, or spend a week exploring the coast. Inukshuk Inn … Continue reading »

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Wilderness Adventure

These are tours that let you just get out into the great outdoors and experience the wilderness. Just some simple ways to go hiking in more remote and interesting places, which is the best way to see the world if you ask me. USA Yukon Wild Explore the wild Yukon region with one of these … Continue reading »

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Ice Climbing

For a change of pace from rock climbing, tackling a sheer cliff of ice can be a whole new world of adventure. Many snowy regions have opportunities to climb some ice though it can be a little tougher to find good locations. Canada Ice Climbing at Mont-Tremblant Not a full tour, but a chance for … Continue reading »

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Yes, you can arrange to do a little flying even if you’ve never even been in a plane. Many places offer up great training opportunities to get up into the air and experience some flight. USA Desert Odyssey Tours See the Las Vegas desert from the sky in a personal biplane ride or float silently … Continue reading »

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Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a great adventure activity that anyone take try, as long as your traveling someplace with a little water. See the world from a whole new perspective. If you want something a little more risky, you can see more about cave diving or wreck diving. Canada Tahtsa Dive Charters Diving off the coast … Continue reading »

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