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Adventures on Wheels

Posted by on March 12, 2013
adventures on wheels

Drive to some adventure today!

A little vehicular adventure might be a change from the ordinary, so check out some of these adventures on wheels. These are less common activities than some of the others, but I’m adding more as I go.


Bigfoot 4×4 Safari Adventure
Choose an off-roading tour for an afternoon, weekend or a try a challenging 6-day 4×4 expedition. This is the way to see the Vancouver Island wilderness.


Experience Monster
You name the vehicle, they’ll let you drive one. Monster trucks, tanks, exotic sports cars and more. Tons of adventure with this UK tour company.


Western Australia 4×4 Tours
There’s no better way to see the Australian outback. Take a short tour, or book a 3-week excursion to see it all.


Central Himalayas Jeep Adventure
Enjoy the sights and sounds of this rough Indian region, from the seat of a Jeep.


African Offroad Tours
Not all vehicles tours are on 4-wheels. These dirt bike tours of Africa are an exciting change of pace.

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