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Abandoned Places and Ghost Towns

Posted by on March 12, 2013
ghost towns and abandoned places

Abandoned ghost towns are a whole new level of adventure fun

Now for a little different kind of adventure. There is something thrilling about finding lost or abandoned places, so why not visit a ghost town or two next time you are on a trip? These places may not even be on the map anymore, and you can’t get much more remote than that. Just remember that abandoned places don’t maintain a lot of resources so directions or websites may be sketchy.


American Ghost Towns
Visit abandoned towns all through the American west. Take a step back into history.

Ghost Town Gallery
Browse through some great American ghost town photos. There are maps to help guide you on your visits as well.


Ghost Towns of Central Hastings
A list of abandoned mining towns in central Ontario. No photos, but each town has basic directions.

Ontario Abandoned Places
An extensive list of abandoned places and ghost towns all through Ontario. Most have photos and directions.

Canadian Ghost Towns
Photos from ghost towns in 4 Canadian provinces. Only vague directions with each photo, but I’m sure you could find them with a map. Isn’t that half the adventure?


Tour Kiev
See one of the most famous abandoned places in the world, the region around Chernobyl. The empty town of Pripyat is eerie and a one-of-a-kind trip. Yes, there is a little radiation but not enough to do you any harm over a short tour visit.

International Guides

Ghost Towns
An article on Wikipedia discussed the ghost town phenomenon, and has a great list of well-known locations around the world.

Ghost Towns
Descriptions of ghost towns all through both the USA and Canada. No photos and only minimal directions though.


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